February 1, 2017Genesee Energy

A comfortable, worry-free home. Isn’t that what we all strive for? Heat is one of our most basic needs, and the thought of being left out in the cold for one reason or another is scary. Most often, worry comes from not knowing. So, here are the 4 things we find our new customers to be the most worried about (until, of course, we ease their fears). After all, we are in the business of home comfort, and easing customer fears is equally as important as keeping them warm.

Tank Leaks

Anyone new to oil heat, gets a little nervous about the tank buried in their yard. But, with a little information on tank leaks, our customers can put that worry behind them. Before every delivery, our drivers check every tank for water. Water will get into the tank before the oil gets out. If water gets into the tank, it is an indication that the tank might be starting to break down. If that is the case, we will let the customer know, and watch that tank carefully. Also, did you know that oil leaks are far less scary than natural gas leaks? Oil is non explosive. If a tank does leak oil into the soil, it will be messy, but it is not life threatening. Better yet, if your tank is filled with our B99 Bioheat, it’s acually 99% recycled restaurant cooking grease, which is even less threatening. In addition, we recommend these two things to all our customers.

  1. Register for FREE Pollution Liability Insurance. PLIA is a Washington State government program that will provide up to $60,000 in soil contamination clean up to registered owners in the event of an oil tank leak. Registration for PLIA is free for the homeowner via this form. Not many things in life are free, but for the homeowner, this is one of them.
  2. Sign up for yearly tank insurance. This is purchased through the current oil provider for just $67 per year, and covers the whole cost of a new tank if soil corrosion causes a breakdown. For a minimal fee, this insurance can save the customer thousands of dollars down the road. Contact us to sign up for tank insurance.

Dirty Fuel

Many people think that heating oil is black, thick, and dirty. Quite the contrast, today’s heating oil (specifically Boiheat) is clear in color, loose like water, and cleaner in carbon output than natural gas. Heating oil, also called diesel, is actually the same product as the diesel that can be found at the gas pump and used for diesel engine cars. The only difference between these two diesels is that at the gas pump, an additional road tax is charged for every gallon of diesel. Heating oil diesel has no road tax applied, and is tinted with a dye only to differentiate it from the road taxed diesel.

Big Bills

Because we are putting hundreds of gallons of heating oil into a customer owned tank, typically the cost of the fuel pumped in is charged to the customer with payment due in 30 days. However, that can be a big bill to swallow. So, we have a variety of payment plans that range from breaking the balance up into 10 monthly payments, which would be similar to receiving a natural gas bill, to paying a percentage of the balance over a couple months. The upside is that with heating oil, customers rarely have any bills to pay during the summer months. Our customers really like these options, especially during the holiday season!

Running Out

We highly recommend automatic delivery to all our customers. We use a calculated measurement called heating degree day (HHD), which is a measurement that reflects how much energy is needed to heat a building, based on the outside air temperature. On automatic delivery, we will predict when you are due for a delivery, and we will be there before you run out. This takes the worry off the customer and lets us do what we do best. Some people also fear that they will lose control of how much heating oil they use or are charged for. However, just like gasoline in a car, heating oil tanks have a certain capacity. Oil put into the tank is only to replace what has been used.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We would love to ease your fears!