July 21, 2017

7 Tips for Keeping Cool Without Overworking Your Air Conditioner

During heat waves a few decades ago, we headed to the movie theaters or grocery stores for guaranteed A/C. But in todays “get it better, faster, and at my doorstep” culture, we are more willing to pay for comfort. However, during a hot summer such as this, it is another expense that needs to be managed. Cranking the A/C feels good in the moment, but the bills that follow can be a shock to your system. Here are 7 tips for keeping cool without overworking your air conditioner. The bottom line is, the harder your air conditioner works, the higher your bills.

  1. Don’t turn your A/C off when you’re not home, just down. In high heat, your air conditioner works really hard just to keep up. Keeping the temperature range within 10 degrees is best for your system as well as for optimal comfort. If you let your house get too hot, it will take a lot longer for the temperature to get down to a comfortable temperature.
  2. Keep interior doors open, and exterior doors closed. Shutting too many interior doors causes A/C systems to go out of balance, meaning there’s less airflow in the entire house. If you normally keep doors closed, try keeping slightly ajar instead.
  3. For windows that get direct sunlight, keep the blinds or shades down during the day. The sun is a giant heater that works against your AC unit, making it work harder.
  4. Consider running the AC in conjunction with floor or ceiling fans to circulate cooled air more effectively.
  5. In the cool hours of the morning, open up the house to let the cool air be your natural air conditioner. This also lets your AC unit rest for a longer period of time before getting back to work when the temperature starts climbing.
  6. Change the filter. When air can’t pass through your filter freely, it causes your air conditioner to work harder while taking longer to cool your house. Dust and dirt can accumulate which can directly affect the efficiency of your equipment. Cleaning or changing your filter should be done once every three months to keep everything running at it’s optimal efficiency. You can buy filters online at discountfilterstore.com.
  7. Schedule a yearly maintenance. An HVAC unit is just like a car; it needs regular inspection and maintenance to ensure it operates at peak performance. You will save in the long run by keeping equipment in tip-top shape and avoid expensive repair bills from a breakdown. To schedule an air conditioner maintenance, contact us via email hello@genesee-energy.com or phone 206-722-1545. You might also check out our yearly heat and cool, gas or oil service agreements.

Follow these links if you are interested in an upgraded system, or want to add mini-split air conditioners. Keep cool, Seattle!