Genesee biodiesel is now more local and more green. When we originally started selling bioheat (biodiesel for home heating) nearly five years ago, our main source used soybean oil from the Midwest of USA. While soybean is an excellent feedstock, it did come under scrutiny a few years ago about land use issues. While I believe the concerns to be significantly overblown, Genesee now has a better product.

Recycled Content Biodiesel (RCB) is fuel made from used cooking oil and animal fat. We buy it from General Biodiesel here in Seattle. RCB from General Biodiesel means that your heating oil is sourced from the Seattle area, and has the lowest carbon footprint of any combustion heating including electric and natural gas.

The EPA’s recently released RFS2 guidelines determined that biodiesel refined from used cooking oil is one of the lowest carbon fuels available with an 85% reduction in lifecycle CO2 emissions over conventional petroleum diesel. Recent studies by the California Air Resource Board, the Washington Department of Ecology and others have come to similar conclusions. General Biodiesel makes the lowest carbon diesel alternative available.