BioHeat and Biodiesel FAQs.

Q: What is biodiesel?

bioheat2 (2)Biodiesel is a clean burning alternative fuel produced from domestic, renewable resources. Biodiesel is biodegradable and nontoxic. When blended with standard heating oil, it is the cleanest burning fuel option for heating your home.


Q: What is BioHeat?

BioHeat Logo.2BioHeat is Biodiesel for your home. It is a blend of standard #2 heating oil and biodiesel. Genesee BioHeat blends range from B25 (25% biodiesel and 75% standard) to B50 (50% biodiesel and 50% standard) and B99 (99% biodiesel and 1% standard).


Q: How is biodiesel made?

photoBiodiesel can be made from feedstock such as recycled restaurant cooking grease, soy bean oil, animal fat, palm oil, and algae. Genesee’s BioHeat is made solely from local, recycled restaurant cooking grease. So, instead of hitting the landfill, this cooking grease is actually recycled and used to heat your home!


Q: Is BioHeat better than standard oil heat?

Sycamore_Tree[1]Yes. Any blend of BioHeat is better than standard heating oil. It is not only better for the environment, but it is better for your furnace. The higher the number of the blend (B25, B50, or B99), the better the fuel. In fact, even the lowest blend of Bioheat has a lower carbon output than natural gas. So you can actually feel really good about heating your home with oil!


Q: Do I need to change out my furnace or tank in order to switch to BioHeat?

UnknownNo. You do not need to make any modifications to your existing oil burning furnace. Your furnace will be happy because the BioHeat is a natural cleaning agent for your system. Any blend of  BioHeat can be added to whatever you have in your tank, however we recommend you start with B25 and work up to B99.


Q: Is BioHeat the same price as standard heating oil?

united_states_of_america_magnified_flag_with_blue_globe_640Right now, BioHeat costs a few cents per gallon more than standard heating oil. But, because the product is made right here in the USA, it will not see as big of a price fluctuation as the standard oil that is purchased overseas. At times, BioHeat could be lower than the standard. And, in the long run, it will save you money as the potential for furnace problems are less with BioHeat.

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