Bioheat Delivery in Skyway

Keep your Skyway home warm and cozy with Bioheat

A greener, cleaner fuel source

Looking for a way to heat your home, while also reducing your carbon footprint? Wondering if there’s a better, cleaner heating option for your oil-burning furnace? If so, you should read the following “5 Reasons to Use Bioheat.”

  1. A warm and comfy home, all winter long

Bioheat is a clean-burning, alternative heating oil that gives your Skyway home the same warm, comfy feeling that standard petroleum oil provides. Plus, you get a warm, fuzzy feeling from knowing you’re using a renewable energy source that helps to reduce air pollution and preserve the environment.

  1. Lower carbon emissions

Genesee Energy offers several blends of Bioheat. Even our lowest Bioheat blend (which is 25% biodiesel) has a lower carbon output than regular petroleum or natural gas. Higher blends (50% and 99% biodiesel) produce even fewer carbon emissions. Also, Bioheat is less toxic than table salt, as biodegradable as sugar, and safe for home use.

  1. Made in Seattle

Bioheat is a blend of standard #2 heating oil and biodiesel, a clean-burning, renewable fuel made from natural resources such as animal fats, algae, or soybean oil. The biodiesel used in Bioheat is made from recycled cooking grease, taken from Seattle restaurants. Using Bioheat not only helps to reduce air pollution, but because Bioheat is locally made, it also helps to reduce U.S. dependence on overseas oil.

  1. Works just fine with your oil-burning furnace

All our Bioheat blends will work with your current furnace. You don’t need to buy any new equipment, do any retrofitting, or make any modifications. All you need to do is request Bioheat for your next home delivery. Bioheat blends easily with standard fuel oil, so you don’t need to drain your tank in order to use it. And since biodiesel works as a natural cleaning agent, increasing lubricity in your filters, using Bioheat can actually help to extend your furnace’s life.

(We recommend you start out using our 25% blend, which strikes a good balance between lower maintenance costs and reducing your carbon emissions. You can then work up to the 99% blend, our cleanest-burning fuel.)

  1. Comparable costs vs. standard heating fuel

Currently, Bioheat costs about 10 cents more per gallon than standard fuel oil. But in the next 10 years, the price will go down as more people start using biodiesel in their homes. Bioheat saves you money in the long run, because it helps to keep your furnace running longer, reduces maintenance problems, and prevents the need for costly repairs.

For more information on Bioheat supply and delivery in Skyway, visit our Bioheat services page.

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