Bioheat Delivery in Bothell

Keep your Bothell home warm and cozy with Bioheat

A greener, cleaner fuel source

At Genesee Energy, we know that many Washington state residents are looking for climate-friendly home heating fuel sources. (It’s the Evergreen State after all, and many people here want to “go green.”) If you’re looking for a way to heat your home during the winter while reducing your carbon footprint, we suggest you try Bioheat.

Bioheat is a clean, renewable energy source that reduces carbon emissions and air pollution. Bioheat heats your Bothell home as effectively as regular heating oil, but burns cleaner than petroleum or natural gas.

Here are some things you may not know about Bioheat:

  • Bioheat is safe to use, less toxic than table salt, and as biodegradable as sugar.
  • Bioheat is locally made, with natural resources. Genesee Energy partners with Sequential Biodiesel, a company that collects used cooking grease from Seattle-area restaurants, and recycles it into biodiesel, a clean-burning alternative fuel. We then blend this biodiesel with our standard #2 heating oil to produce Bioheat.
  • We offer three different blends of Bioheat – B25 (25% biodiesel, 75% petroleum), B50, (50% biodiesel), and B99 (99% biodiesel). The higher the blend number, the lower your carbon emissions are.
  • All of our Bioheat blends will work with your oil-burning furnace. You don’t have to buy a new furnace, or make any upgrades. And you don’t need to drain your tank because Bioheat blends easily with the fuel oil you already have.
  • Using Bioheat saves you money in the long run. The biodiesel in Bioheat acts as a cleansing agent for your filters, increasing lubricity and reducing the potential for maintenance problems. This makes your furnace last longer, and saves you from having to make costly repairs or buy a new furnace.
  • At this time, Bioheat cost about 6 cents more per gallon than regular fuel oil, but the price is expected to go down in the next 10 years, as more people start using biodiesel, and more refineries start to produce it.
  • Since Bioheat is made in the USA, it is less likely to have sudden price hikes than fuel made with imported oil.

For more information on Bioheat supply and delivery in Bothell, visit our Bioheat services page.

For more information on the origin of sustainable fuel sources, visit Sequential Pacific Biodiesel. For more information on the support and expansion of Green Heating, visit National Biodiesel Board. For the latest national news on Bioheat, visit National Oilheat Research Alliance.