Bioheat Delivery in Kenmore

Your Kenmore source for Bioheat supply and delivery

Genesee Energy provides home heating products and services to Kenmore and the greater Seattle area.

Looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint, while still heating your home in the winter? Are you wondering if there’s an environmentally friendly fuel solution that will work with your oil-burning furnace? If you are, take a look at the following “5 Reasons to Use Bioheat.”

  1. Same heat, burns cleaner

Bioheat is an alternative fuel that burns cleaner than regular petroleum or natural gas, producing fewer carbon emissions in pounds per million BTUs of fuel. Using Bioheat allows you to reduce your carbon footprint, while still giving your Kenmore home a warm and cozy feeling. Bioheat is safe for home use, biodegradable, and non-toxic.

  1. Made in Seattle

Bioheat is made right here in Seattle, by mixing standard heating oil and biodiesel, a clean-burning fuel made from renewable resources. The biodiesel used in Genesee Bioheat blends are made of recycled cooking grease from local restaurants. Oil that was previously used to fry fish & chips or French fries is recycled into fuel, instead of being thrown out. (Biodiesel can also be made from soybean oil, palm oil, algae, or animal fat.)

  1. Several clean-burning blends available

We offer several blends of Bioheat, including B25 (25% biodiesel, 75% regular fuel oil), B50 (50% biodiesel), and B99 (99% biodiesel). The higher the blend number, the lower your carbon emissions will be. However, we recommend you start with our 25% biodiesel blend and work your way up to our 99% blend, so we don’t put too much stress on your filters all at once.

  1. Extends the life of your furnace

All of Genesee Bioheat blends will work with the furnace you have now. There’s no need to make any modifications or buy a new furnace, and no need to drain your fuel tank since the biodiesel in Bioheat blends seamlessly with standard fuel oil. Bioheat acts as cleansing agent for your furnace filters, enhancing and extending the life of your equipment. It increases lubricity and helps to prevent maintenance issues, thus saving you money on furnace repairs.

  1. The home heating fuel of the future

Bioheat currently costs a few pennies more per gallon than standard fuel oil. But the price is expected to drop in the next 10 years, as more people and families begin using biofuel. And Because Bioheat is made in America, its price is more stable than heating fuel made with imported oil. It is less susceptible to sudden price hikes due to changes in the global oil market. Using Bioheat helps to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil sources, thus reducing our trade deficit.

For more information on Bioheat supply and delivery in Kenmore, visit our Bioheat services page.

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