Bioheat Delivery in Lynnwood

Keep your Lynnwood home warm and cozy with Bioheat

A greener, cleaner fuel source

If you’re looking for a climate-friendly fuel source that will heat your home with lower carbon emissions, then Bioheat may be just what you need. Check out these “5 Reasons to Use Bioheat.”

  1. A Cleaner-Burning Fuel

A blend of petroleum heating oil and biodiesel, Bioheat is a renewable energy source that provides a greener way to heat your Lynnwood home. Using Bioheat reduces your family’s carbon footprint because  it burns cleaner than natural gas or standard fuel oil. Also, Bioheat is non-toxic, biodegradable, and safe for home use.

  1. Made With Recycled Resources

Bioheat is a combination of standard heating oil and biodiesel. What’s biodiesel? It’s an alternative fuel, made from natural “feedstock” sources like soybean or palm oil, algae, or animal fats. The biodiesel used in Genesee Bioheat is made from recycled cooking oil from local restaurants – oil that would otherwise end up in landfills. This makes Bioheat the most environmentally friendly heating fuel available.

  1. Works With the Furnace You Have Now

No need to buy a new furnace, or modify your existing furnace, in order to use Bioheat. No need to drain your tank either, because Bioheat blends well with standard heating fuel. In fact, using Bioheat can help to extend the life of your furnace, and save you money on maintenance costs. The biodiesel in Bioheat cleans your filters, increases lubricity, and helps keep your furnace in working order.

  1. Higher Bioheat Blends = Lower Carbon Outputs

Genesee Energy offers several blends of Bioheat, including B25 (25% biodiesel, 75% standard heating oil), B50 (50% biodiesel), and B99 (99% biodiesel) blends – all of which produce fewer carbon emissions than standard heating oil or natural gas. The higher the blend number, the lower your carbon output.

However, we recommend you start out with B25, and work your way up to B99, our cleanest blend. This will allow your furnace filters to “get used to Bioheat,” without putting too much stress on them.

  1. Made in the USA

Right now, Bioheat costs a few cents more per gallon than regular fuel oil. But over the next decade, the price is expected to go down. Since Bioheat is made in the USA, it’s not as vulnerable to price hikes as heating oil made with imported petroleum. As Bioheat comes into widespread use in homes and businesses, it will help to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil, thus helping to reduce our trade deficit.

For more information on Bioheat supply and delivery in Lynnwood, visit our Bioheat services page.

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