February 2016

Are You Buying a Home with Oil Heat?

Most new homeowners barely give it a second thought. One of the first things on their list of things to do, is switch out their oil heat furnace to natural gas equipment. It has been the common thought for decades, that gas is good, and oil is bad. This thinking is based on reasons such as cost & efficiency, environmental impact, and safety. However, today’s oil heat is better than ever. BioHeat (a blend of biodiesel and standard petroleum heating oil) is making itself known as the evolution of oil heat. In fact, if taking into account each of the following factors, keeping oil as your source of heat is safer, cleaner, and more cost effective than to switching out your equipment for natural gas.

imagesLM2D6ZF8Efficiency & Cost

Often when people are buying an older, oil heated home, they find an inefficient heat system. This is likely true, however, the cause of the inefficiency is commonly targeted at the fuel source, rather than the actual aging furnace. With the cost of oil at it’s lowest point in years (and likely to stay for years to come), it makes more economic sense to upgrade to a newer high efficiency system using the same fuel, than to switch to a gas burning furnace. For more info visit The Energy Information Administration.


Environmental Impact

The best heating oil product on the market is BioHeat, which has a lower carbon output than natural gas. BioHeat (a blend of standard heating oil and biodiesel) is a renewable fuel and made in the USA. No modifications need to be done in order to use BioHeat instead of standard oil. For more info on BioHeat, visit mybioheat.com.



Heating Oil is non-explosive, non-toxic, and biodegradable. Today’s heating oil tanks homesecuritybhp[1]are stronger than ever, made of steel and fiberglass. They are resistant to corrosion and can last for decades. For more info on oil heat safety, visit Oilheat America.


Most people don’t like spending money on things they can’t even see. Let’s face it, buying a new furnace is just not fun at all. But buying a new furnace AND changing your fuel source is even more expensive. The good news is, that if you stay with oil as your fuel source, you will not only be saving money, but you’ll also be burning the most environmentally friendly fuel in the neighborhood. And THAT is something to feel good about!