Photo of a commercial propane truck for Genesee Commercial Propane Service in Kent.

Commercial Propane Service Kent – Genesee has proudly served Kent by providing quality commercial propane service since 1929.

Commercial Propane Service Kent – Whether you require propane for heat, resale or machinery we can provide you with propane for all of your business needs. Genesee, a local company, is committed to delivering a quality product at competitive prices for our industry.

  • We believe in deadlines: Genesee works to maintain deadlines. We understand that without propane your business cannot run and with our commercial propane services we can schedule deliveries well in advance to make sure that you always have access to propane to keep your business running smoothly. Scheduled deliveries will always be delivered on time from our skilled drivers.
  • We believe in safety: Each of our drivers and handlers is well-versed in safety procedures and can not only provide day-to-day safe handling but also react in the event of an emergency.
  • Delivering high-quality products: We maintain all of our equipment and regularly monitor the products that we sell. This ensures that you are getting a quality product for all of your machinery and your business to run off of each time you order through Genesee. We are extremely stringent with our requirements and demand the best for each one of our clients.
  • Offering you selection: We have a number of containers and storage options that can be implemented for your business and can inform you about any issues with your equipment or with your current propane storage facilities.
  • On call and available: Our service is always on call and available in the event that you might run out of propane. We understand that this can mean big losses for your company so we always remain available to our clients.
  • Award-winning customer service: Each one of our employees receives customer service training so that we can deliver a better level of service to you.

No matter your commercial propane needs in Kent and the surrounding area we are available to assist you at Genesee. Contact us today.