Photo of a propane truck for Genesee Commercial Propane Service in Seattle.

We are unsurpassed in our propane delivery and commercial propane service in Seattle

Delivering Commercial Propane Service Excellence in Seattle Since 1929

At Genesee, we understand you need reliable commercial propane service in Seattle in order to operate your business efficiently. Since our inception in 1929, it has been our commitment to provide competitive prices and unsurpassed service to each and every customer.

  • We offer a dependable, affordable and custom alternative to national suppliers.
  • We honor each customer as an individual account with unique needs.
  • We believe that prompt, cost effective, safe and reliable service is the foundation for successful customer relationships.
  • We take very seriously that our relationship with you is what ultimately keeps us in business.

Genesee has been delivering commercial propane service excellence in Seattle since 1929.

Propane is widely used as an industrial and commercial fuel for various unique high volume activities. Our customers trust Genesee for many large volume applications such as fleet fueling, agricultural heating, commercial kitchen cooking, forklift fueling, resale cylinder filling and many other industrial and commercial uses. Genesee will help you customize a service plan that suits the complex and unique application requirements for your business.

Construction Propane Use

Agricultural Propane Use

Forklift Fueling Propane Use

Retail Propane Use


To learn how Genesee can help you power your business, call or contact us via email for your service focused, efficient and cost effective commercial propane solution or download a copy of our commercial propane service brochure.