I was recently at a downtown restaurant with my family and noticed a plaque on the wall and a matching sticker on the window indicating that this restaurant participated in the General Biodiesel green partner program.

I turned to my kids and said, “The cooking oil used to make your burger and fries will be heating our house soon.” If you could have seen the blank looks on their faces.

Ok, so my kids are a bit young to connect the dots. “What are you talking about, Dad?” I am talking about completing the loop. General Biodiesel, a Seattle company, has a restaurant collection program whereby a restaurant agrees to collect, rather than dump, their used cooking oil. That oil and waste is collected by General Biodiesel and made into high quality, ASTM standard biodiesel. You know where this is going now. Genesee uses General Biodiesel product in all of our BioHeat blends that heat our customers homes. Now that is a great product lifecycle. Bon Appetite, kids!