November 2012

It’s strange how some rumors get started and equially interesting how they keep circulating. One rumor we keep hearing is that duct cleaning is no longer necessary due to furnace improvements. Well, that one is FICTION.

For reasons of health, efficiency and reliability, the FACT is that heating ducts should be cleaned periodically, regardless of the age of your furnace. The heating ducts in your house deliver the air that your furnace fan moves, providing warm air and circulation to every room in your house. So, where does the air that the fan moves come from? It comes from your house through return air ducts. If you have dust settling on surfaces in your house (and who doesn’t) then you can be sure that you have dust in your ductwork. That dust create several problems.

First, the dust in your ductwork can attract moisture, which attracts mold and other not-so-fun microbes. Aside from just dust allergies, mold is another common allergy aggrivator. Duct cleaning helps this.

Second, dust is the enemy of fans. Dust built up on the fan blades lowers it’s effeciency and effectiveness. Again, duct cleaning helps this.

Finally, as dust is circulated through your furnace, some of it is filtered out by the air filter. A filter that is doing it’s job will eventually get plugged up (that’s why you need to change them frequently) and restrict the air flow. Restricted air flow is bad for numberous reasons. Simply put, restricted airflow reduces effiency, reduces comfort and can damage the equipment.

So, clean your ducts every three to five years. Call us at 206-855-6247 for a recommendation. We work with several companies that have proven to us that they are reputable and responsible companies. There are lots of “less than reputable” companies out there…which is putting it kindly.