November 2015

Propane tank set 128


Just 31 miles east of Seattle, sits the town of North Bend, Washington. Though small, North Bend is big in personality. Mt. Si looms over this town made famous by David Lynch’s television series, Twin Peaks. In fact, you can still swing into Twede’s Cafe in the heart of North Bend for a piece of Twin Peaks cherry pie and “a damn fine cup 0′ coffee”.

A few miles east of downtown, overlooking the Middle Fork of the Snoqualmie River, is the neighborhood of River Ridge.

Propane tank set 124 Genesee Propane tank







If you frequent this part of North Bend, you’re likely to see either our tank setting truck, or our propane fuel delivery truck. We’ve been busy this fall installing one propane tank after another, getting the whole neighborhood ready for winter.

This area is studded with huge evergreens and that fresh, clean mountain air. But be careful not to wander too far off the beaten path. While setting one tank this past September, we came across this bear claw. I wish we had a heroic story of our employees tackling the bear to protect the homeowner. But no, we found it while preparing the area for the new tank.

bear claw

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