March 2015


Although we’ve said before that Genesee is a family business, we mean that in more ways than one.  Not only do we have an employee who has been part of our Genesee family  for nearly 45 years, but since September of 2014, we now have a father/son duo making fuel deliveries for Genesee.

Meet Joe Sr. and Joe Jr., father and son, both fuel delivery truck drivers.


Before Joe came to work for Genesee in 1997, he had been working for a larger, out of state fuel company. Joe recalls that when he learned Genesee was looking for experienced fuel drivers, he jumped at the opportunity to work for a local, family owned business.

Genesee Fuel #17

Pictured here with his young son, Joe Sr. remembers the prideful eyes looking up at him with wonder.

“I fondly remember when [Joey] was 11 or 12 years old, he would often ride with me on Saturdays in the oil truck. He would be very excited to go with me and tell me he had the strength to pull the delivery hose, but he would struggle and occasionally fall to the ground even though using all of his strength . He would look at me with disappointment in his eyes, and I would tell him that he was doing better than the year prior. Now he is a solid 6’3″ and made the ranks of oil delivery man and I, a proud father.”

And we, at Genesee, are doubly lucky to have them both!