The boiler is the most important part of a central heating system. It is used in modern natural gas and oil heating systems. A boiler essentially burns a fire that is fueled by a continuous supply of natural gas or oil. When you turn on the heat, your thermostat switches the boiler on, a valve opens fueling the boiler, and an electric ignition system lights it up.

In older homes, the boiler is the main component of the heating system. A boiler can heat your home in conjunction with radiators, in-floor heat, and forced air systems. A boiler can also heat your home’s hot water.

Boiler installation

We install Buderus and Burnham boilers because they’re the most trusted names in the business, and they make the most energy-efficient boilers available. They also work with solar heat!


Need boiler service?

We service all brands of boilers. Call us today at 206-722-1545 to schedule an appointment with a boiler specialist. Our installation technicians will make sure your boiler is up and running safely and efficiently.