A heat pump is a great way to reduce the monthly costs of heating your home. Designed for moderate climates and perfectly suited for the Pacific Northwest, a heat pump is an all-in-one heating and cooling system. In the summer, it works like an air conditioner, moving heat from inside your home to the outside, and in the winter, it acts in the opposite way, pulling warm heat energy from outside into your home. Did you read that right? Yes, you did!

How a Heat Pump Works

There is actually heat energy in all air– even in cold air. A surprising and energy-saving fact about heat pumps is that rather than generating heat, they actually just move it from one place to the other. When your home needs more heat, a heat pump pulls heat from outside, moving it inside, and when your home needs to be cooler, the heat pump extracts heat from inside your home and moves it outside. Another way to think about it is that in the summer, a heat pump works like an air conditioner, and in the winter it acts like a furnace.

Note that heat pumps are best in moderate climates, and work best in colder temperatures when complimented by a supplemental heating source.

Many heat pumps can be enhanced for compatibility with solar energy systems and provide a great platform for reducing energy costs.

Genesee installs heat pumps from three of the most trusted names in the business, York, Lennox and Trane. We service all brands.

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