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Today’s heating oil is better than ever!

Heating oil is now among the cleanest heating fuels available. It’s is by far the safest type of heating, environmentally friendly, and dependable. You may be surprised to learn that oil heat is more efficient than gas, and that oil heat can be considerably cleaner. Heating oil burns an average of 16% more efficiently than gas, which means you use less fuel and get more heat.

Heating oil is safe

When it comes to heating your home and family, we know safety is your first concern. Heating oil is the safest heating fuel available as it is non explosive. With heating oil systems, carbon monoxide leaks are rare. Should your furnace malfunction, visible warning signs will be present. If oil leaks from your furnace or oil tank, it is messy but never life threatening.

Bioheat oil is renewable

Bioheat is a renewable fuel made by blending biodiesel with standard petroleum heating oil. Bioheat is locally produced, and cleaner in carbon output than natural gas. Genesee provides 3 blends of bioheat that can be used directly in your current oil tank with your current oil furnace.

Heating oil is Efficient

Newer oil furnaces put out more heat per BTU than gas furnaces. The average life expectancy of an oil furnace is about 15-20 years longer than a natural gas furnace. If you are considering upgrading your furnace for better efficiency, upgrading to a newer oil furnace will not only increase your efficiency, but will save you thousands of dollars as well. Additionally, Hot water heaters fueled by oil have a recovery rate that is twice as fast as a gas heater, which adds value to your home, while increasing efficiency.