Bioheat is the Greener & Cleaner Way

Looking for a greener, cleaner way to heat your home? Want to reduce your carbon footprint? Bioheat is your solution. Bioheat is a clean, renewable energy source that reduces air pollution, burns cleaner than petroleum or natural gas, and extends the life of your furnace. It’s better for the environment, and it reduces U.S. dependence on foreign energy sources. Bioheat is a safe material which is less toxic than salt, and it biodegrades as fast as sugar.

What is Bioheat?

Bioheat is a blend of biodiesel and petroleum heating oil. We deliver 25, 50 and 99 percent blends. Biodiesel is the name of a clean burning alternative fuel, produced from domestic, renewable resources. When blended with petroleum heating oil, you have Bioheat.

Lower Your Emissions

If you are concerned with reducing your carbon footprint, Bioheat is one of the most effective ways to go. Bioheat beats natural gas hands down when comparing air emissions in pounds per million BTU of fuel. As a  bonus, our Bioheat is made from local recycled restaurant cooking grease that would otherwise end up in a landfill.

Use Your Existing Furnace

Bioheat can be used in your existing tank and furnace without any modifications. Your furnace will be happy with all our biodiesel blends. In fact, biodiesel naturally has more lubricity than our standard heating oil. It acts as a cleaning agent, and keeps your furnace running more smoothly.

Which Bioheat blend is right for me?

With Bioheat now a recognized low-carbon standard, higher blends can be more effectively utilized to heat your home. A 25% blend strikes a good balance between keeping maintenance costs lower and reducing your carbon footprint. Higher blends lower your carbon footprint even more. That’s why we offer Bioheat in B25, B50, and B99 blends. So start with B25, and work up to our cleanest blend, B99.

Does Bioheat feel different than regular heating oil?

Bioheat gives you the same warm and cozy feeling that regular heating oil provides. It also gives you a warm and fuzzy feeling for treating the planet better.