Genesee Propane is different from the big national propane companies

How? Genesee Propane is a division of Genesee Energy. We are a local, family owned and operated business established in 1929 by Gordon Clark. We are now in our third generation of Clark family members. Gordon laid the foundation of this company with an emphasis of providing outstanding customer service to our customers. We are proud to continue that legacy in the community in which it was established.

What does Genesee Propane have to offer?

We always offer competitive pricing.

At Genesee we know that price is a very important factor in purchasing propane. Although the price of propane is like a moving target, we always offer competitive pricing while carefully monitoring and adjusting for price fluctuation.

Genesee leases propane tanks.

If you are currently leasing a tank from another company, we will swap out your tank for $139. Of course we also do the installation and hook up as well.

Additional fees?

We only charge a $9 delivery fee. That’s it! Unlike our competitors, we do not charge hazmat or fuel recovery fees.

Unique Payment Plans

Customers rave about our variety of payment options. Lets face it, getting that bill for a big propane delivery is not fun. At Genesee we understand “sticker shock” and can ease the pain with one of our payment plans. For details on our payment plans, visit our payment plans page.

Hassle-free auto delivery

For your peace of mind, {and ours} we encourage our customers to be on auto delivery. If you are on auto delivery, we will put a computerized Monitor on your tank that allows us to keep track of your tank percentage. This takes the worry off you, and lets us do what we do best.

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