Propane Delivery

Why choose Genesee for your propane provider?

Genesee is a local, family owned and operated business established in 1929. We take pride in our longevity of providing outstanding customer service to our customers.

What does Genesee have to offer?

Always competitive pricing

At Genesee we know that price is a very important factor in purchasing propane. Although the price of propane is like a moving target, we always offer competitive pricing while carefully monitoring and adjusting for price fluctuation.

Unique Payment Plans

Customers rave about our variety of payment options. Lets face it, getting that bill for a big propane delivery is not fun. At Genesee we understand “sticker shock” and can ease the pain with one of our payment plans.

  • Our 40% plan allows you to pay 40% of the balance every month until your payment drops below $100, then you pay the rest of the balance until zero.
  • The 10 month budget plan allows you to pay equal payments spread out over 10 months, then settling up at the end of the cycle.
  • our 50/50 plan allows you to pay 50% on delivery, with the other 50% due in 30 days.

Additional fees?

Unlike our competitors, we only charge a $6 delivery fee {other than sales tax, of course}. That’s it! No hazMat fee, no fuel recovery fee, etc.

Hassle-free auto delivery

For your peace of mind, {and ours} we encourage our customers to be on auto delivery. We will predict, monitor, and adjust your delivery schedule so that you won’t have to. This takes the worry off you, and lets us do what we do best.

Areas for delivery {generally speaking}

In addition to King County, we currently service from Arlington to Graham and Gig Harbor to Snoqualmie Pass.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you lease tanks?

Yes. We lease tanks on a yearly basis. The price ranges from $18 – $80 per year depending on the size of tank.

What if I have a leased tank from another company and I want to switch?

No problem. We will come swap out your tank for free. It is best to swap tanks when you are at a lower capacity, but either way, we  will swap the tank, transfer your fuel, and provide a gas check free of charge.

How do I figure out what size tank I have or need?

On the top of your tank there will be a data plate that will tell you the size. Or click here for pictures of our most commonly used propane tanks, their dimensions, and common uses.

Do you sell tanks?

Yes. We sell a variety of tanks ranging in size as well as regulators needed. The price of the tank also includes delivery and hook up fees.

Where can I get my propane bbq cylinder filled?

Propane retailer list coming soon.