Meet Ed; Genesee Propane Division Manager

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Meet Ed; Genesee Propane Division Manager

December 20, 2016

The young Ed Cavalieri probably sounded just like Hank Hill in the popular TV series King of the Hill, when he started his career in the “propane and propane accessories” department of a major propane dealer at age 18. Fast forward 35 years and Ed has pretty much worked in every facet associated with propane and thus become Genesee’s Propane Division Manager, aka the king of propane at Genesee Energy.


Ed Cavalieri has been with Genesee since we started the Propane side of the business 5 years ago. Bringing his wide range of skill and expertise, he has trained us all in the office, the sales department, the field, and in general management. However, if ever a customer asks a question that stumps the office staff, we say, “just ask Ed”. As the resident godfather of propane, Ed always has an answer and has likely been there, done that.

Although as Manager Ed wears many hats, he says his favorite part of the job is working directly with customers. “When customers call for a new tank set, they need a field visit. I do complimentary site visits where I can answer all the customers’ questions right there. I’ve never had two tank sets the same, so visiting the property is very important.”

And truly every situation is different. Throughout his 35 years, Ed has seen propane used as an energy source in a variety of ways including irrigation pumps, tractor fuel, hot air balloons, swimming pools, and Bunsen burners in school science labs. The more common uses include appliances such as furnaces, cook tops, fireplaces, and washer/dryers. But even for the most common applications, every customer and property is unique.

As with most fuel, propane pricing fluctuates and is not regulated, so a supplier can charge whatever they want. Ed says customers are really satisfied knowing that our price is always fair and based on margins. When our price goes down, our customers price goes down. But that isn’t standard procedure for all propane companies. “Customers also agree that our variety of interest free payment plans help lessen the sticker shock and manage their budgets.”

Everyone who meets Ed agrees that he has a good sense of humor and calm disposition. These characteristics in addition to his extensive experience are the reason he is very good with customers who might be anxious in dealing with propane. Often we encounter customers who have been frustrated by other companies. Ed says that quality customer service combined with fair pricing is what people are looking for. “They just need someone who will be straight with them, and talk in real terms. We sell a product AND a service. And that is worth a lot to our customers.”

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