Natural gas is a great thing… but it is still carbon.

Genesee has been servicing and installing gas heating systems for decades and highly recommend it for it’s flexibility and wide range of applications. However, we constantly hear from people that are confused on the cleanliness issue.

Natural gas is a carbon fuel that is extracted in many of the same areas and by many of the same companies as crude oil. If you are switching to gas to get away from carbon based heating, you’re not actually accomplishing your goal.

In addition, just because you can’t see a “spill” doesn’t mean that natural gas is harmless. Whenever you smell methane (which is the primary component of natural gas) you are essentially experiencing a “spill”. Now, it’s not polluting in the sense that you would see an oil spill on the ground or on top of the water. It is polluting in a different, and perhaps more dangerous way.

Methane gas is one of the worst greenhouse gases. When you smell methane, that is a leak that is going straight to the atmosphere and contributing to global warming.