January 2016

Payment Plans To Fit Your Budget


This time of year we are all very much aware of the inverse correlation between the weather and our heating bills. As the temperatures go down, your heating bill goes up. What makes that sting, is the fact that your paycheck (most likely) stays the same.

At Genesee, we completely understand this dilemma, and want to help you manage your budget for these cold winter months. For this reason, we empower our customers to choose between 4 payment plans that will best fit your budget. We do not charge interest for any of these plans, and there will be no finance charge, as long as you make your payments according to the schedule. Take a look, and let us know which one is best for you! Our credit manager will then take a look at your credit history to make sure you qualify.

Our 10 month budget plan allows you to make equal payments, spread out over 10 months. This is for people who like to make smaller, consistent payments. Our Credit Manager will look at your past usage, the size of your tank, as well as other factors in determining how much each payment will be. The goal is for your account to be zero by the end of the 10 month cycle. If we miss, and your payments are too big, or too small, we can make that adjustment for the next cycle.

The 40% Plan is for those that like to pay off their balance a little faster than the 10 month budget, but not all at once. This plan allows you to pay 40% of your total balance each month, until your balance drops below $100. At that time, we ask for the remainder of the balance, until you are at zero. If you are on the 40% plan, this will happen every time you receive a delivery or service.

Our 50/50 plan is for people who want to be paid up within one month of delivery, but would like to spit the bill into two payments. On this plan, you pay 50% at the time of delivery, and the remainder 50% within 30 days.

The 30 day plan is for people who don’t like to carry a debt. On this plan, you have 30 days to pay your balance in full. As an added bonus for this plan, if you pay in full within 1 week of your delivery, you qualify for our prompt pay discount. This discount amount varies between $4 and $8 depending on the size of delivery.

Does one of these plans strike your fancy? If so, let us know. Our credit manager would be happy to discuss each of these options in more detail if that would help you make your decision.

Heat is one of our most basic needs. No one should be cold for long. If you need additional assistance in paying your heating bills, please get in touch with the Low Income Energy Assistance Program. They can help!

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