Genesee Energy is a local, family owned business now in its third generation, supplying fuel in the Puget Sound area since 1929. We supply residential & commercial propane for home and industrial use. Thanks to our great customer feedback, we are proud to be the preferred propane propane supplier in Thurston County, Washington. If you’re in our service area and have a need for propane, we would love to be your propane provider too. Since we know you have options, here we will provide three reasons customers agree Genesee Energy is the best propane supplier in Thurston County.

We always offer fair and competitive pricing.

At Genesee Energy we know that price is a very important factor in purchasing propane. Although the price of propane a constantly moving target, we always offer competitive pricing while carefully monitoring and adjusting for price that is beneficial to both our customers and our company. Some of our competitors will offer new Thurston County customers an introductory price. While sale prices are great, it is important to understand what your price will become for additional deliveries. Some companies will continue to raise the price with no ceiling. At Genesee Energy, we set all our prices on a margin based on what we pay at the supply level. If our price goes down, your price goes down. If our price goes up, your price goes up. We are honest and value our reputation among our Thurston County customers.

We offer a variety of payment plans.

Buying 100 gallons of propane or more can be a hit to your wallet. Since propane is delivered in bulk, often payment is due at the time of delivery. Many propane providers in Thurston County allow delayed payments, but at a high interest rate. Genesee Energy understands the need for budgeting. For that reason we offer a variety of payment plans. As long as you stick to the plan and make your payments on time, all of our plans are interest free. We even offer discounts for prompt pay. Our Thurston County customers are important to us, therefore want to make sure you are comfortable with your payment schedule.

We won’t let you run out of fuel.

That is our promise if you are one of our preferred automatic delivery customer. Genesee Energy offers this worry-free option for all our Thurston County customers. If you choose this automatic delivery option, we will predict, monitor, and adjust your delivery schedule so that you won’t have to worry about running out of fuel. Of course we never want you to run out of fuel, so if you are choosing to monitor your own usage, just contact us when your tank is at about 30% and we’ll put you on our Thurston County delivery schedule.

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