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Allyn, We’re in your neighborhood!

Genesee Energy is a local, family owned heating and propane company based in Seattle. But good news, we have recently expanded our territory to include propane delivery in Allyn and surrounding areas.

Many people think propane is a regulated industry like other utility companies. But did you know you can switch propane suppliers at any time? You have the freedom to choose and Genesee Energy can help you with installation and supply. As a local family owned and operated company, we provide the best customer service and quality residential propane products in the Allyn and the surrounding areas.

Please take a look through our site to learn more about Genesee Energy. We offer a wide range of options, consistent pricing and plans to meet your budgeting needs for propane delivery in Allyn.

What does Genesee Energy have to offer?

We always offer competitive pricing.

At Genesee Energy we know that price is a very important factor in purchasing propane. Although the price of propane is like a moving target, we always offer competitive pricing while carefully monitoring and adjusting for price fluctuation.

Additional fees? We are always upfront and transparent on our fees. We will only charge a $6 delivery fee. That’s it! Unlike our competitors, we do not charge hazmat or fuel recovery fees.

Unique Payment Plans

Genesee Energy customers rave about our variety of payment options. Lets face it, getting that bill for a big propane delivery is not fun. At Genesee we understand “sticker shock” and can ease the pain with one of our payment plans. For details on our payment plans, visit our payment plans page.

Hassle-free auto delivery

For your peace of mind, we encourage our customers to be on auto delivery. On automatic delivery, we will predict, monitor, and adjust your delivery schedule so that you won’t have to. This takes the worry off you, and lets us do what we do best.

If you have questions about our propane delivery in Allyn, or if you would like to learn how we can serve you, please call one of our friendly representatives at (206) 722-1545. You may also contact us online. At Genesee Energy, we look forward to hearing from you!

For propane delivery in Allyn, Washington, choose peace of mind – Choose Genesee Energy! We are here in Allyn and are happy to serve you!