Photo of a truck for propane delivery in Seattle

Choose Genesee for your propane delivery in Seattle. We’ll be right over!

With propane delivery in Seattle, you have a choice.

Choose responsive and friendly propane delivery in Seattle.

When you call us, we’ll be right over! We’ve been delivering propane to Seattle for over 80 years. We take care of your propane levels so you don’t to think or worry about it. We are fast, professional and dependable. You won’t find this type of local, friendly and fast response with a national company and you don’t have to put up with unreliability and high cost either. Genesee has been delivering propane to Seattle and peace of mind since 1939!

Choose our competitive consistent price for propane delivery in Seattle.

Propane pricing should be consistent. Oftentimes a propane supplier will offer a low introductory rate to win your business; then hike your rate significantly over time. They also add on unexpected fees that they don’t tell you about up front, you get this surprise in the mail after the fact.

Genesee’s rates remain low and consistent. We have no pricing tricks and no hidden fees. The only fee you will ever see is a $6 service charge, that’s it!

For propane delivery in Seattle, choose peace of mind, choose Genesee!

To learn more about our propane delivery in Seattle, see our blog post “Propane up and running”.

Call us today at (206) 722-1545 to learn more about our propane delivery service in Seattle, email or click here to schedule a delivery.

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