October 19, 2017

Lets face it, getting that bill for a big propane or heating oil delivery is not fun. But neither is running out of fuel because you’re afraid of getting that bill. At Genesee Energy, we understand this dilemma, which is why we are offer propane and heating oil automatic delivery and auto pay. With these two services combined, you will not have to worry about running out of propane or heating oil. Nor will you have to worry about paying one huge bill at the time of delivery.

Q: What is auto pay? 

A: Auto pay means that we keep an encrypted version of your credit card on file, and charge your card the designated amount as determined by your payment plan within a few days after your delivery.

Q: What are budget payment plans? 

A: We offer 4 different plans to meet your needs. None of these plans have any finance charge as long as you pay the designated amount on time. Auto pay works for each plan so that you can be sure you’ll never get a late fee or any interruption in service. For details on each plan, click here.

Q: What is automatic delivery?

A: Automatic delivery means that we monitor your tank volume so you don’t have to. When you get down to about a quarter of a tank, we come fill you up without you having to call to schedule.

Q: How do you know when my tank is getting low?

A: We actually use a calculated measurement called heating degree days, which is a measurement that reflects how much energy is needed to heat a building, based on the outside air temperature. Our computer also uses data from previous deliveries and gallons received to determine customer usage and insulation factors which also contribute to making accurate calculations for optimal delivery, which is when the tank is at about 25%.


Q: Why do both automatic delivery and auto pay work well together? 

A: With automatic delivery, we monitor your tank and make sure you won’t run out of fuel. With auto pay you can be sure your automatic delivery service will not be interrupted due to late payments that can put a hold on your account. Auto pay also works with all of our budget payment plans. You pick the plan, put your credit card on file, and we charge the amount specified by your budget payment plan. The combination of automatic delivery and auto pay helps your fuel delivery service run smoothly, without interruptions.