Genesee Energy is now delivering propane in Mason County, Washington

Local and family owned, Genesee Energy has been committed to the Puget Sound area since 1929. We know you have options for propane in Mason County. In deciding on which company to choose, here are three questions we think you should ask.

How do you set your prices?

The price of propane is always a moving target. It varies at the supply level as well as for the consumer. Some companies will offer new customers an introductory price that is well below their regular price. Sale prices are good, but it is important to find out what your price would be for additional deliveries. After the introductory price, some companies will raise the price for each subsequent delivery. In this situation, over time the customer price can be quadruple the market price, without the customer’s knowledge. Even if you know the intro price, and the second, third and fourth fill prices, you will still want to check further down the road, just to keep everyone honest. At Genesee Energy, we set all our prices on a margin based on what we pay at the supply level. If our price goes down, your price goes down. If our price goes up, your price goes up. We are honest and value our reputation among our Mason County customers.

Do you offer interest free payment plans?

Buying 100 gallons or more of propane can be a hit to your pocketbook. Since propane is delivered in bulk, often payment is due at the time of delivery. Some companies offer interest free payment plans, while others do not. You will want to find that out before your delivery so you don’t go into massive “sticker shock”. Genesee Energy offers several payment plans for you to choose. All our plans are interest free, as long as you stick to the plan and don’t default on any payments. We also offer discounts for prompt pay. Our Mason County customers are important to us. We want to make sure you are comfortable with your payment schedule.

What if I run out of fuel before my next delivery?

The answer will depend on if you are on automatic delivery. Most of the time, if you are leasing a tank from a company, they have you on automatic delivery, which means you won’t need to worry about running out of fuel. It will be the company’s job to monitor your propane usage and fill you up when they predict you are low. Genesee Energy uses a computerized algorithm that takes into account outside temperature and typical usage for our automatic customers. If you own your own tank, and want to be in charge of monitoring your propane usage, you are responsible for letting the company know when your tank is at about 20%. If you are in Mason County and you own your own tank, we are happy to be your propane provider.

Please note, we do not serve ALL of Mason County. Below is a map of our current service area. Click here for more information on propane in general.