Genesee brings “Be Right Over” customer service to retail propane delivery. If you heat your home or hot water with propane, now you have a superior choice of suppliers in King County, Pierce County and Snohomish County. Genesee Propane can offer you COMPETITIVE prices, more reliable service and local, friendly customer service. Just got a delivery? Check your price, then call us. You’ll be amazed at how much we can save you.

What does Genesee offer that no other propane company can? Tank-to-furnace service. That’s right! With Genesee, you only need to make one call with anything related to your heat. From factory trained service technicians if your furnace or water heater breaks down, to free estimates on a new furnace or heat pump, Genesee is the only call you need to make.

Did you just buy a house with propane? Just because there is another company’s tank on your property DOES NOT not mean you have to buy from them. In fact, you are better off calling someone else…like us. Why? because we’ll provide you with a brand new tank, no charge to swap out the old one, 25 free gallons of gas and one year FREE tank rental. Also, we’ll give your furnace, fireplace and water heater a free inspection to make sure everything is safe. When other propane company’s service stops at your tank, Genesee goes the extra mile…or however far it is from your tank to your furnace and water heater. Good propane service should be more than just delivering gas. With Genesee, it’s The Warmth You Come Home to.