July 28, 2017

Bigger, better, and sooner is what customers in this increasingly demanding culture want. Major companies such as Amazon can easily serve that up. But for those of us in smaller businesses, it’s an ongoing challenge to satisfy customers, keep good employees, and operate costs efficiently.

If your business utilizes forklifts, upgrading your fleet from gasoline to propane powered forklifts can help your business move in the direction of today’s cultural demands. Here we will look at propane vs. gasoline for forklift fleets surrounding the issues of environment, cost, and maintenance. We will also show how focusing on these issues will help your business become more culturally relevant and attractive for customers, employees, and efficient operations.

Environmentally Friendly

The U.S. Department of Energy  declares propane as a clean burning, non-toxic alternative fuel source. It has been proven to emit less harmful carbons into the environment than gasoline. These days, both consumers and employees are concerned about their impact on the planet. A company that takes pride in their efforts by choosing more environmentally friendly equipment, will be more attractive and sustainable in the long run.

Cost Effective & Efficient

While the price of both gasoline and propane are constantly changing, typically propane prices stay less than gas at the pump. Although the difference can be just a few cents per gallon, when added up over time, the difference can be your bottom line. Additionally, a 33 pound propane tank provides 8 hours of operating time at 100% power. Therefore, businesses that use propane forklifts have reported an increase in productivity and efficiency as well as cost savings. Genesee Propane also offers a variety of payment plans that will fit any budget.


Since propane is a cleaner burning fuel, propane forklift engines last twice as long as gasoline powered engines. Carbon buildup from gasoline is hard on engines, which causes them to need to be serviced or replaced more frequently. Also, since full propane tanks are stored on-site, employees can easily manage the propane tanks, swapping them out for a full tank in less than 5 minutes. If you choose Genesee Propane for your provider, we will not only provide the propane cylinder storage rack, but we will provide pressure and gas checks every time we fill your tanks.

The days of just plain good ol’ customer service are gone. While customer service is and always will be our number one goal, we also understand that consumers these days want bigger, better, and faster. Environmental factors, cost, and maintenance are just a few of many things small businesses need to consider in the effort to keep current. Upgrading to a propane forklift fleet is one way to get your business going in the right direction for both consumers and employees.