Regular tune-ups keep you car running, right? Same thing goes for your furnace and air conditioning systems. Machine parts wear down over time, so it’s important to check them periodically. Regular tune-ups keep your furnace operating in optimum conditions for maximum efficiency.

What Makes Our Tune-Ups So Special?

Just as a doctor uses special instruments to diagnose sickness, our service technicians use Bacharach™ testing equipment to make sure your heating system is operating safely and at maximum efficiency.

There are three key measurements used to determine your system’s efficiency:

  • Stack Temperature
  • C02 Test
  • Smoke Test.

Our technicians take these measurements to ensure your system is burning the right mixture of air and oil to create maximum heat with the least possible waste.

Using specialized testing equipment is just one of the ways we make sure you get the most for your heating dollar.

Our tune-up service keeps your furnace and air conditioning systems running at manufacturer operating standards, and when needed we tune your equipment for updated government efficiency standards.

Genesee recommends a furnace tune-up once per year. Keeping your furnace and air conditioning systems properly tuned ensure your home’s air systems will keep running safely and smoothly.

Top Ten Tune-Up

For top performance and economy, your furnace should be inspected, adjusted and tuned approximately once a year

Genesee’s Top Ten Tune-Up will improve the function of your furnace, allowing it to burn more efficiently, last longer and give you more heat. Overall, your furnace will run smoother, cleaner and with better energy efficiency.

Our certified master technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your furnace including these 10 important checks (if applicable):

  1. Check and adjust burner
  2. Check safety controls
  3. Check flue pipe and chimney base
  4. Check and lubricate blower & blower motor
  5. Clean or install new air filter
  6. Check furnace draft
  7. Check pressures
  8. Check thermostat
  9. Check ignition
  10. Perform complete safety inspection

Summer is a great time to perform a tune-up. We often run specials during the spring and summer months. Click here for our most current specials. Call us at 206-722-1545 to schedule a tune-up.

Maintenance Agreements
In addition to annual tune-ups, we encourage you to sign up for one of our annual maintenance agreements, which are designed to save you money and help ensure your equipment is always ready to keep your home warm… or cool.