January 10, 2017

Heating & AC Repair Service TruckIs a yearly furnace maintenance tune-up really necessary?

The short answer is yes. Just like your annual physical with the doctor, or your mileage maintenance on your car, it all has to do with keeping things running smoothly and catching small problems before they become big problems. And when it comes to your furnace, the big problem usually means no heat in the middle of winter on a cold weekend night, which is never convenient.

3 Reasons why yearly furnace maintenance tune-ups are important:

  1. Lower your energy bill. This is usually the biggest motivator, and it’s true. While your furnace was running all winter to keep you warm, it was also collecting dust particles in the air. The dust is then cycled through your system, causing a buildup. The buildup makes your furnace work harder, thus using more energy, and costing you more money.
  2. Reduce chances of a breakdown. This usually happens at the worst possible time. Dealing with a broken furnace is never convenient. Scheduling a yearly furnace maintenance when it is convenient for you, will help prevent those unscheduled problem calls.
  3. Lengthens the life of your furnace. Just like everything else, the more you take care of it, the longer it will live. Tune-ups clean the internal parts so that your furnace can run more smoothly and efficiently. All furnaces have a range of life span. Scheduling yearly maintenance tune-ups will help keep your furnace running to the longer end of it’s life.

Who else agrees that yearly furnace maintenance tune-ups really are necessary?

If you need a second opinion, here are some credible resources.

Energy Star is a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program. It is their mission to help consumers save money and protect our climate through energy efficiency education and strategies. They recommend to “Keep your cooling and heating system at peak performance by having a contractor do annual pre-season check-ups.”

Energy.gov provides energy efficiency and renewable energy information to consumers in the United States, including families, homeowners, renters, and drivers. They say, “to maintain your heating system’s efficiency and ensure healthy indoor air quality, it’s critical to maintain the unit and it’s venting mechanism.”

When is the best time to schedule a maintenance tune-up?

Spring or Summer are the best times to schedule for two reasons.

  1. Those are the quieter heating seasons, so Genesee Energy is less busy delivering fuel and has more time to schedule yearly furnace maintenance. Of course we are available all the time, but we can get to you sooner and you will have more options of days and times during the Spring and Summer seasons.
  2. When anything sits for a long time without regular use, it has a harder time getting going. We all get stiff and need to loosen up in order to run at our potential.

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