Introduction to Bioheat. What is it? How is it made? And why would we want to use it?

We all know now that we need to do our part to keep the environment green and reduce your carbon footprint – without breaking the bank. If you use heating oil, you’ll want to know about Bioheat. It is a blend of biodiesel and petroleum oil, and can be used in your existing oil tank and furnace without any modifications. We use biodiesel made from recycled restaurant cooking grease. When blended with our ultra low sulfur heating oil, it burns cleaner than natural gas, reduces your carbon footprint, and is better for your furnace. Listen in to learn the basics of Bioheat and why switching to natural gas is not the most environmental choice.

More on Bioheat. Is switching to natural gas the best economic and environmental choice?

Discover the myth of Natural Gas and why you might want to consider keeping heating oil as your choice for heating. Pete talks with Steve and Andrea of Genesee Energy about the cost, efficiency, and environmental impact of Natural Gas, Heating Oil, and Bioheat so you can make the bests choice for your home. Listen and learn the average cost of switching from oil to gas, and how to determine your best economical choice. More than likely you will be surprised! Have a listen and learn more about bioheat and it’s long term benefits.

Why stay with heating oil? Most people think natural gas is better, but is it?

Listen in as Pete talks with Steve and Andrea about the history of heating oil, and how it was back in the 60’s and 70’s. Unfortunately heating oil is still perceived by most as black and dirty when it’s really not. Heating oil is cleaner than you think, while natural gas is not the environmentally friendly product as believed by most. Bioheat is the best heating oil product in terms of carbon output and reducing greenhouse gasses. Global climate change is real. Washington State may eventually follow the New York State tax incentives for residents using renewable fuel. Bioheat is a renewable fuel. If you use heating oil in your home, listen to get educated on how easy it is to switch to bioheat. Reducing our carbon footprint starts with you.

Renewable fuel is the future. So why not learn about the most efficient systems that are not only green, but can save you money!

Find out how Genesee Energy is paving the way to make it easier for our customers to reduce their carbon footprint. Renewable fuel is a buzz word, and we have that with Bioheat. Also, if you want to heat and cool your home, save money, and be environmentally green, you’ll want to hear about heat pumps. Seattle is the ideal climate for these energy efficient systems. Listen in as Pete talks with Steve and Andrea about Bioheat, their new renewable diesel, ductless heat pumps, and why your furnace needs a tune-up. You’ve gotta stay warm and cool so why not learn about the best systems that are not only green, but can save you money.