Genesee Energy provides propane for construction professionals

Weather you need propane to power your construction equipment, or you are installing propane appliances for your residential customers, Genesee Energy has you covered.

Photo of a commercial propane truck for Genesee Commercial Propane Delivery in Kent.Propane for construction site

Running out of power on a job site is not an option. We know your business depends on efficiency and minimal down time. We are a local family owned business on-call for our customers 24/7. Genesee Energy provides:

  • propane to fuel temporary heating and building equipment
  • tanks of all sizes for all on-site propane power use
  • portable cylinders and racks to run construction vehicles
  • tank monitor equipment
  • automatic refill service so you never have to worry about running out of propane.

Propane for residential appliances

More construction professionals are opting to build residential homes with propane powered appliances. From fuel efficient furnaces, to standby generators, propane delivers lower carbon emissions, efficiency, and versatility.

  • Lower emissions – Studies from organizations such as the Environmental Protection Agency reveal that propane is one of the greenest energy sources available. Measured by carbon footprint, propane reduces greenhouse gas by half over electricity.
  • Efficiency – Propane is economically more efficient than many sources of fuel, especially electricity. From a usage standpoint, propane heats warmer and can power virtually everything in your house right down the the back up generator.
  • Versatility – Propane can be used in more places of your home than any other fuel. For more information on propane powered appliances, visit

Weather you’re using propane to power your construction site, or installing propane appliances for your residential customers, lower energy bills, lower carbon emissions, versatility, and efficiency are all great reasons to build with propane.

Watch this case study on why Barefoot Brothers recommends propane appliances at every opportunity. Propane’s efficiency, reliability, lower carbon emissions and domestic availability are unmatched by any other fuel.