Bioheat: The Better Fuel

Genesee provides customers across the Puget Sound with the home heating option Bioheat, a blend of traditional fuel and safe, clean renewable biodiesel that reduces pollution and improves local air quality making communities healthier places to live.

Bioheat is a better fuel for your home.

  • It can be used in existing oil tanks and furnaces without any modifications.
  • It can be a more affordable alternative to the significant cost of converting your heat system.
  • It has more lubricity, adding life to your furnace while keeping it running more efficiently.

Bioheat is a better fuel for your community.

  • It is a renewable fuel locally sourced.
  • It reduces air pollutants surrounding your family, friends and neighbors.

Bioheat is a better fuel for our planet.

  • It reduces harmful green house gasses.

Experience the benefits for yourself.

For a limited time we are giving away FREE FUEL. Try Bioheat in your home furnace and receive $100 in free fuel. Here is how you can take advantage of this offer:

If you are a new to us, click here and sign up to be a new customer today.
If you are a current heating oil customer, email or call us at 206-722-1545 to request an upgrade to one of our Bioheat blends.